Facebook Artist in Residence Program

As Facebook grew, Everett Katigbak and I discussed the need for a corporate art program. At Facebook, hacking and building are highly valued, so we didn't want to just purchase artwork to display, we wanted to invite artists in to work along side us. The act of making is as important as what is left behind. Fortunately, there was some precedent for artwork at Facebook before us, when Mark famously hired David Choe to paint their original offices. After some time, we were able to gain support for our idea of creating a residency program. Eventually, we hired the very talented Drew Bennett to run the program. It's been incredible to watch what Drew, and the artists he has brought in, have built over the years.

Drew Bennett, Program Curator—Photo by Peter McCollough for Wired
Detail of David Choe painting from the original Facebook office
David Choe
Tucker Nichols
Barbara Holmes
Jay Nelson
Jeff Canham
Jet Martinez
Lucky Dragons
Lucky Dragons
Brian Barneclo
Artist in Residence Logo—Designed by Tim Belonax
Season One Book—Designed by Tim Belonax
Work by Nat Russell
Work done while employed by Facebook.